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The Twelve Houses are a psychological goldmine in astrological interpretation, yet the literature contains precious few works of depth. I wrote Houses of the Horoscope to remedy that situation.
Part One, Theory and Practice, contains five chapters that explore the background of houses in astrology — their origins, logic and implications — as well as a comprehensive overview of the techniques guiding their use in interpretation.
Part Two, Delineations, consists of interpretations for planetary meanings through the twelve houses. Each house is divided into five specific levels of experience. All ten major planets are then interpreted in each house at every level — a total of 600 delineations that provide astrological students with a comprehensive view of planets in houses, as well as a better feel for the basic thought processes involved in natal interpretation. For professionals, the interpretations offer fresh insights and new ways of thinking about the houses to stimulate greater creativity and depth in working with clients.

Good News!
In 2007, Houses of the Horoscope was re-published by Kevin Burk's company, Serendipity Press, in a spiffy new paperback! This is the same revised and expanded 2nd Edition text that I've previously offered here in an e-book PDF version, with all-new layout and graphics!
The new book is $24.95 (it's a long book, friends, 464 pages, and well worth the price), and it's available from Amazon. Here's a link:
Houses of the Horoscope at

For anyone who wants the book but can't swing the $24.95 price for the new paperback edition, I will continue to offer the e-book PDF 2nd Edition here, but from now on at a reduced price of only $8.00.
Order here through PayPal, and you'll get a private response page of my web site that has the two PDF files (for Part One and Part Two of the book), which you can then download. This is best suited to those who have a cable or DSL broadband connection, since the files are large (almost two megs total). For those with a 56K dial-up connection, downloading the two PDF files will take awhile, but I feel confident that reading the book will delight you and reward your patience.
To order the e-book PDF 2nd Edition of Houses via PayPal, enter your name and email address in the boxes below, then click the 'Buy Now' button. (PayPal is free and totally secure. Your credit or debit card information never even reaches me.)

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"Houses of the Horoscope is my favorite astrology book of all time."
Tem Tarriktar, creator & publisher
of The Mountain Astrologer

"An astrological tour de force! Rich and deep insights uncover hidden vistas in your understanding of the astrological houses. This book deserves recognition as one of the most important guides to houses ever to see print."
Richard Nolle, review in
Horoscope magazine

"Herbst's explanations of the meaning of the houses and the significance of planets contained in certain houses are without parallel in contemporary astrological research and approach. Herbst offers interpretations that are insightful, incisive and often humorous. One of the best things is that he leaves the thinking to you, the reader. He gets us into the houses in a deeper way than has been previously explored, and lets us rearrange the furniture. This is definitely a book which should occupy a prominent place in the library of any student or professional involved with astrology."
reviewer from The Mountain Astrologer

"Pure joy — an entirely original work that gives new insights with every turn of the page."
Fran Rosen, review in
The Mercury Hour

"Houses of the Horoscope is a clear, comprehensive and wonderfully illuminating text. The book is destined to become a classic reference work on the houses. Perhaps we might subtitle it as 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Houses.' The house meanings are covered in an impeccable manner, and every planetary placement by house is analyzed with extraordinary insight. I loved it! With this goldmine and Dane Rudyhar's The Astrological Houses, you will be able to understand this essential field of astrological knowledge as an expert."
Mark Lerner, review in
Welcome to Planet Earth

"I've been hunting down good astrology books going on 15 years now. Got a stack of 'em on my floor, maybe 20 or so which are my workhorses. Houses of the Horoscope is right in there. First time I looked inside I knew I had another winner. A friend who is interested in astrology was so impressed with what I read about him from the book that he opened his checkbook that very day ordered one. Thanks for a great contribution."
Troy Holter, astrologer

"Houses of the Horoscope sat in my book shelf for a few months and I thought — oh, another book on the houses. Maybe I'll glance over it some day. One day eating lunch I decided to give it a whirl and, oh heavens! It is the most remarkable book I've read in a long time, right up there as the finest descriptions and interpretations I have seen. Thank you for this gem."
Isha Lerner, astrologer
Women in Counsel, Women for Peace

The Oracle of Love is my book on the Sabian symbols, a cyclic sequence of 360 interconnected "scenes." The scenes were originally visualized by an American psychic, Elsie Wheeler, and her conductor, Marc Edmund Jones, in 1925. The simple but mythic symbols have withstood the test of time and are well-respected in western astrology.
Although the symbols operate at many levels, each scene has been interpreted here to specifically reveal its implications for romance, sex, and intimacy. The result is a kind of encyclopedia of love, a set of 360 separate prose poems, each of which describes one facet of love's amazing teachings.
The context of 360 scenes selected one at a time through the random method of question-response divination [by drawing cards] is well suited to the idiosyncratic way each of us encounters and learns about love. A particular symbol can illuminate a specific element in our experience of love — one truth about intimacy — while another drawn later may well present the opposite teaching. Such are the paradoxes of love.
Though human beings are largely creatures of habit, love remains totally unpredictable and utterly humbling. Love is not linear. No matter how old we are nor how much experience we have, love can surprise us. We may spend one day in the graduate school of intimacy, learning very subtle and sophisticated lessons, then the very next day we're back in kindergarten re-learning to tie our heart's shoes. The Oracle reflects this crazy-quilt of our personal evolution in love.
We call up each individual scene, each story about intimacy, as we need it, so every new response is fresh and relevant. Taken together as a whole, the 360 scenes paint a comprehensive and kaleidoscopic picture of love and intimacy.

From the Preface:
"In choosing to focus this book on the ineffable experience of love and the complexities of intimate relatedness, I hope to touch a central, nearly universal human nerve. But writing about love is no easy task; intimacy is a subject of
vast contradictions."

The most profound insights lie within those contradictions, as The Oracle reveals.

The Oracle of Love is available in a PDF e-book version (Adobe Acrobat format) that can be read from your computer. You can also print out hard copy if you wish. Order here through PayPal, and you'll get a private response page of my web site that has the PDF file of the book, which you can then immediately download.

Though I put 15 years into this book, I'm always astonished at how magical it is. If you're in an intimate relationship, The Oracle is a fascinating way to reveal the changing meanings of that sharing. If you're looking for an intimate partner, The Oracle can show you the way. Even if you're alone, The Oracle will illuminate where love is moving within and around you.

Price for the e-book version is $8.00 via PayPal. Enter your name and email address in the boxes below, then click the 'Buy Now' button. (PayPal is free and totally secure. Your credit or debit card information never even reaches me.)

First/Last Name
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